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  • This two hour workshop helps students to create employment and other opportunities. If you are interested in a complimentary session for your institution, please provide your contact details. 

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Imagine finishing your studies and being able to step into the role you always wanted  

With so many talented people entering the market and with the likely economic impact of the pandemic, it is likely that competition will increase in the careers arena.


It can be really difficult to land the job you really want and have worked so hard for.  Swimming in the ‘Red’ ocean means competing with many of your peers, having to navigate recruitment specialists, psychometric tests and assessment centres, to even be in with a chance.

We know that employability is a key indicator for Universities and that Students want more from their University experience. That's why we are offering this interactive event to accelerate the process for Students, to help them create more opportunity.  We do this through relationship development.


What if there was a way to develop networks and create the ideal role?


Here at Asentiv we have a track record of working with business owners to develop relationships and networks that connects them with the people they want to work with.  And we know these same principles can help students in higher education too, leading to enhanced employability and entrepreneurial skills. 


We will show students how to swim in the ‘Blue’ ocean by standing out from the crowd and having a ready-made network of advocates who can accelerate their career or entry into business.  Having this and a greater sense of purpose will provide a clear message to any prospective employer or provide the inspiration to choose another path to becoming an entrepreneur.

What the seminar includes:

  • Building strong and effective networks  to support you
  • Connecting and engaging your 'target audience'
  •  Raising your profile and personal 'brand' 
  • Developing your own personal Vision & Mission
  • Implementing 7 'Relationship Builders' to engage your network
  • Devising a 5 step plan to enhance your prospects

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Your students will thank you for showing them the secrets to building relationships and networks.  Get in touch to see how we can help your school or faculty.  Sessions can be delivered online during current restrictions or equally we can arrange sessions for when restrictions are lifted. 

Understand how to build your network


... your network of advocates who can be your best source of opportunity.


... through emotions and develop lasting relationships.


...  your business skills and knowledge by surrounding yourself with people who share the same purpose.